People are living longer than ever. Without an investment plan, you run the real risk of outliving your savings. Annuities are the best way to guarantee a stream of income- for the rest of your life. Annuities are a investment tool to ensure that your retirement years truly are golden. The sooner you begin this type of investment, the greater the amount to annuitize.

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Single Premium Annuity.

Purchased with only one premium, this annuity may require a larger initial investment. However, it can take full advantage of tax-deferred growth and compound interest benefits to increase its value over time.

Flexible Premium Annuity.

This annuity allows you to make premium payments at varying intervals and in varying amounts. This offers you the flexibility to invest in the annuity at your own pace as your finances permit.

Fixed Annuity.

This annuity pays a set rate of interest during the annuity’s accumulation phase and a fixed amount of benefits after it is annuitized. This type offers the security of knowing the rate of return, and no further investment decisions need to be made.

Equity-indexed Annuity.

This annuity is fixed deferred, allowing you to enjoy some of a stock market’s gains without assuming the risk of losing money if the stock market declines. The credit earnings are based on the movement of an equity index. You’re guaranteed a certain minimum return.

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