There is a growing trend in the Long Term Care (LTC) insurance industry to use Life insurance or an Annuity with an LTC rider to solve the risk problem created by needing care. There are number of reasons why this can be a solution for your client:

  • The “what if I never need care” objection is solved. The funds either go to the heirs/estate when they die or they go to the cost of their long term care
  • Life or Annuity contracts can be fully funded by repositioning assets. Typical sources are existing life or annuity plans, CDs, Mutual Funds or 401K plans. Not paying yearly premiums can appeal to many clients. Plans can also be set up as 10 pay or 20 pay premiums.
  • Clients that want to “self-insure” can do it better by leveraging their money. The money earmarked for care will pay out many times more through a life or annuity with an LTC rider.
  • Underwriting for Life and Annuities can be easier than traditional Long Term Care policies. Clients that have been declined elsewhere may qualify.
  • Linked plans often have a money back guarantee.
  • Linked plans can be designed for lifetime payout for long term care, something not available in the traditional LTC market.
  • The first step is to pre-underwrite your client and find the best fit based on their health history. Complete the Health Questionnaire and we will start shopping for you.
  • LTC riders take on many shapes & sizes. We can help you understand the differences and find the right fir for your clients.