The typical long term care insurance buyer

Long Term Care Insurance Buyer

Research enabled Mutual of Omaha to capture a snapshot of a typical long term care insurance buyer. This buyer is:

  • Female, Caucasian, ages 55 to 64;
  • Married with adult children;
  • Working in a white collar profession;
  • College educated;
  • Living in a metropolitan area with a population of at least 250,000;
  • A homeowner with eleven or more years in their current residence;
  • Affluent, upper middle class with a household income of $ 100,000 or more;
  • A “planner” who owns life insurance and other conservative investment products;
  • Family oriented.
  • Knows someone who has needed long term care services;
  • Research oriented; an online user; self-educated about long term care insurance;
  • Generally skeptical and mistrusting of financial advisors and insurance companies.

Many of our policyholders fit many of the pieces in this snapshot, but many also don’t. Long term care issues are a concern for all citizens. Our primary goal is to educate people on this subject so that they can make an intelligent decision given their circumstances. If you know people who need this education, we provide it gladly, without obligation.


Louis H. Brownstone is the Chairman of Northstar Network Insurance Agency, Inc. and a certified Long Term Care specialist. Louis is recognized as an industry leader, with articles appearing frequently in California Broker Magazine and other industry publications and events. Read More