We Support These Non-Profit Organizations

Support Non-ProfitsWe, at Northstar, run a passionate and ethical brokerage. One of the hidden values in affiliating with us is that we actively support groups that protect and advance goals that help your business as well as ours.  We not only support them as a brokerage, but as representatives of the hundreds of agents who put their trust in us. We want to take this opportunity to tell you about the organizations we support.

  1. NAIFA…The National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors: This 125-year old association is the nation’s leading advocate in our industry. Its focus is to help protect our business, help agents and brokers grow their business, and the promote ethical business conduct. We are active members, and I have been on the SF-Peninsula Board for several years. I have also arranged meetings with legislators in our district, attended meetings in Sacramento, and lobbied members of Congress in Washington, DC. I take seriously the fact that I am representing all of you when I participate in NAIFA. If there is any one association in which you should become an active member, it’s NAIFA, and I encourage you to do so.
  2. NAHU…The National Association of Health Underwriters…This organization is somewhat similar to NAIFA but mainly represents the health care industry. We are involved to a lesser extent than NAIFA, but the two organizations often advocate jointly. Of course, NAHU has been a great resource to try to understand all the complexities of the Affordable Care Act.
  3. The Center for Long Term Care Reform…This small non-profit is headed by Steve Moses, a passionate supporter of private long term care insurance. Steve is an expert on the many ways people take advantage of the Government to pay for their long term care costs. He believes that legal manipulations by elder law attorneys, far too generous exempt assets in Medicaid qualification law, and general public hiding of assets has cost Medicaid billions, and has done many studies to prove this. Steve also believes that these practices have severely depressed sales of long term care insurance. We strongly support Steve’s efforts,.
  4. The 3in4 Need More Campaign…Headed by Jonas Roeser, Mark Goldberg and Margie Barrie, this public awareness campaign created in 2010 has made the general public more aware of the need for long term care planning. It is based on the fact that 3in4 Americans ages 30 to 65 think they should know more about long term care insurance. We are among the original members, and I am on the Advisory Board. Of course, Mark Goldberg has been instrumental in making this campaign a success.
  5. The American Association for Long Term Care Insurance…Headed by Jesse Slome, this organization has in many ways been the largest advocate of long term care insurance. We have been members for years and have attended all of the AALTCI conventions, a great source of knowledge for LTCI agents. Jesse is a marketing master, and spreads great PR for long term care planning. I’m sure that you have seen many of his quotes in major newspapers and periodicals, heard him on radio, and seen him on TV.
  6. The Better Business Bureau…We are members of the Bay Area Better Business Bureau. This means that we are accredited by the Bureau, and contractually have agreed to adhere to the highest standards of fair and honest behavior. We have agreed to tell the whole truth, keep our promises and be responsive to any complaints. We proudly exhibit the BBB logo on our websites.
  7. The Alzheimer’s Association…We donate to the Alzheimer’s Association and participate in their memory walks. I imagine that like me, you have had family members that have contracted this terrible disease. Because we are living longer, we are becoming more at risk of becoming Alzheimer’s patients ourselves. We support the research that hopefully will one day find a cure, or at least retard the onset of Alzheimer’s.
  8. The National Alliance of Insurance Agencies…This new alliance headed by Bill Jones is our main resource for non-LTCI solutions. We are one of the founding members, and I am on the Executive Committee. We are on the ground floor for understanding new and innovative products which solve long term care needs. Watch these solutions grow and become a increasing part of our portfolios.
  9. The National LTC Network…Last, but far from least, the twenty-one year old National LTC Network has achieved a leading role in our industry,. It strives to share ideas among its twenty-eight members, provide industry leadership, and negotiate top compensation and bonus contracts. It enables us to pay you top commissions and provide state of the art back office support. I am a past Chairman of this organization and am currently on its Executive Committee. With Terry Truesdell as its Executive Director, The National LTC Network is a constant source of learning for us.

We are proud of all of these affiliations, and hope that you can see the value for you as a result of our participation.


Louis H. Brownstone is the Chairman of Northstar Network Insurance Agency, Inc. and is a certified Long Term Care specialist. Louis is recognized as an industry leader, with articles appearing frequently in California Broker Magazine and other industry publications and events.